Florida Custom Cabinets Will Make Your Kitchen Unique

One of the worst experiences any homeowner can have is spending thousands of dollars updating their kitchen cabinets and then walking into the home of a friend or neighbor to discover the exact same cabinets hanging in their home.

This nightmare scenario can be avoided when you have Florida custom cabinets installed in your kitchen by CK Cabinets.

Florida Custom Cabinets — You Choose It All

Most homeowners use standard cabinets, or box cabinets, when renovating their kitchen. These are the type of cabinets you can find displayed at any big box home improvement store or in the cabinet showroom of most commercial cabinet businesses.

The benefit to using standard cabinets is cost. They typically are cheaper than custom cabinets. Another benefit is availability. Most cabinet warehouses have shelves filled with box cabinets stacked to the ceiling.

But the drawback is uniqueness. When you install box cabinets in your kitchen, you are getting the same kitchen as hundreds or even thousands of other homeowners.

Florida Custom Cabinets — Benefits of Choosing Your Own

Custom cabinets are made to order. That means they are built specifically to the dimensions of your kitchen. So there is no “making them fit” like there is with standard box cabinets.

You also get to decide the exact finish you want for your cabinet faces so you can match your existing flooring, paint, and decor. Or you can create an entirely new kitchen based on your own unique vision. With custom cabinets your only limitation is your own imagination.

Florida Custom Cabinets — Making Your Home Unique

When you finally show off your new kitchen to your family, friends, and neighbors, you want them to be impressed. It’s not going to be impressive if you use the same cabinets as hundreds of other people.

Florida custom cabinets allow you to bring your own unique vision to life.